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November 2018: “The Art of Leadership”
(Private Event)


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“Purpose & Passion: Connecting the Life We Are Currently Living To The Life We Want To Lead”

“Transferring Leadership Lessons From The Battlefield To Corporate & Nonprofit Boardrooms”

“Using An Expeditionary Mindset To Help The Next Generation Reach New Heights”


Previous Courses/Seminars

Journey To New Heights…Through A Life Of Meaning


The course is designed to guide your exploration and introspection as you prepare for the next stage in your Life’s Journey. This unique course is part of a special partnership between Todd Hanna & the Acton School of Business. Through case studies, discussions, and works of literature, life- planning and accountability exercises, behavioral experiments and ethical challenges, you’ll get clearer about what matters most to you. You’ll get perspective on how you make decisions, how you learn and grow, and how your mind changes. You’ll identify long-range goals and next steps. You’ll discover strategies for staying true to your principles and aspirations when you’re distracted, discouraged, or oppressed.

Combining his personal and professional experience guiding others to new heights, with the renowned “Life of Meaning” curriculum created by the Acton School of Business, Todd Hanna will lead a six-week course designed to help you discover how to stay true to your principles while helping you integrate your professional aspirations.

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